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Ep.77 – Falklands Air War Part 4

This episode features the Argentine view of the conflict with our guest Santiago Rivas. Santiago, a well-known aviation journalist and author gives us the Argentine angle on the Air Force’s and Navy’s approach to the conflict, how they operated and the results of their missions.

Ep.76 – Supermarine Swift F4 and aviation books

We feature interviews on the last surviving Supermarine Swift F4, How To Land a Plane and Duncan Menzies, in this aviation book focused episode. Our guest host is Simon Jakubowksi from the Aviation Enthusiasts Book Club on Facebook

Ep.75 – Falklands Air War Part 3

In the third of our series on the Falklands Air War we look at two further aspects of the campaign – battle damage and maintenance of the Sea Harriers. This is followed by an examination of how the Islands were defended post-conflict.

Ep.73 – Fairey Barracuda

This episode features the Fairey Barracuda and a new book on the aircraft by Naval Air Historian, Matt Willis. We also feature an interview with PO Anthony Johnson RN, a Telegraphist Air Gunner in the Barracuda who served at the end of WW2.

Ep.71 – Falklands Air War Part 2

We continue our look back at the Falklands Air War on the 35th Anniversary of the end of the Falklands Conflict. We are joined in the studio by Naval Air Historian Matt Willis and are delighted to welcome Commander Nigel ‘Sharkey’ Ward DFC AFC RN Retired to the show, all the way from his home in Grenada.

Ep.70 – Falklands Air War Part 1

Marking the 35th anniversary of the end of the Falklands Conflict, we look back at the air war through the eyes of the Fleet Air Arm. We are joined in the studio by Naval Air Historian Matt Willis to review our guest interviews and discuss the tactics and lessons from the conflict.

Ep.69 – ‘Xtra’ Around The World with GASE

We are joined by Eddie Gould from G.A.S.E. for the story of how a retired Liverpudlian aircraft mechanic moved to Egypt to set up one of the world’s best GA ‘around the world’ support companies.

Ep.68 – Combat Air Patrol 2

We are joined by Ed Scio from Sim155 to talk about Combat Air Patrol 2. It is a fascinating discussion on how flight simulators are designed and built.