Xtended is an internet radio programme covering all aspects of the aviation world. Whatever your interest in aerospace, Xtended has got it covered.

A longer format allows us a little more time to spend with our guests, whether it is as co-hosts or pre-recorded interviews, analyse news and answer your questions.

Produced and presented by XTP Media’s Pieter Johnson, the show is co-hosted by Gareth Stringer (Editor of Global Aviation Resource) and Tim Robinson (Editor of Aerospace International). That’s a pretty good pedigree, we think, but rest assured that Xtended never takes itself too seriously, and we always try to make sure that what we are doing is good fun.

Xtended is published on a monthly basis – or when a great guest, or story, crosses our paths that we cannot squeeze in to our current formats!

We are grateful for the support provided by Global Aviation Resource and The Royal Aeronautical Society in helping us to produce Xtended.

Xtended is available via iTunes or directly from this website See the episode posts for more details.

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