In our inaugural episode covering the subject of space, we are blessed with a plethora of amazing guests from the sector. Emma Lord, Tim Peake, Gene Mikulka and Andrew Smith.

It’s a long episode but packed full of space information!

We start with Operations and Policy Director for the UK Space Agency, Emma Lord, who tells us about the UK space sector and its burgeoning success. We explore the role of the agency and how UK investment in space is increasing. and where we will see the benefit of this spend.

Emma Lord on Twitter

ISS with Shuttle and ATV

ISS with Shuttle and ATV

We follow this with Tim Peake, UK Astronaut and Army Air Corps Test Pilot who explains the training programme and what excites him about space travel. Tim goes on to discuss the benefits of space exploration and travel and how the UK is a market leader in several sectors.

Tim Peake on Twitter

Major Tim Peake, one of the six freshly qualified members of the European Astronaut Corps (© ESA)

Major Tim Peake, one of the six freshly qualified members of the European Astronaut Corps (© ESA)

Gene Mikulka from Talking Space brings a USA perspective on the developing NASA projects and the Space Shuttle’s legacy. We explore current reductions in the NASA budget and where this will impact future exploration, as well as reviewing the next generation of rocket platforms. We take a retrospective look at ongoing programmes such as Voyager and to the future with Curiosity.

Gene Mikulka on Twitter
Talking Space

Curiosity - Self portrait

Curiosity – Self portrait

Our final guest Andrew Smith, author of worldwide best-seller ‘Moondust’ explains why he wrote this iconic book about the nine surviving men who stepped onto the surface of the moon. Sadly it is now eight following Neil Armstrong’s passing and the first man himself is of course discussed. But where did the inspiration for the book come from and what were these men really like in person?

Andrew Smith on Twitter
Buy Moondust on Amazon

Moondust by Andrew Smith

Moondust by Andrew Smith

Packed with news, listener feedback, another competition and a new segment ‘Things You Never Knew About…’, this is an episode well worth its longer run time.

Capped off with another bunch of out-takes  do listen in to the amusing edit (by Gareth) of a famous space film soundtrack.

Voyager 1 - 11 Billion Miles Away

Voyager 1 – 11 Billion Miles Away

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Running Order (Hrs.Mins.Secs):

  • 0.05.12 News Update
  • 0.14.13 Emma Lord
  • 0.42.10 Tim Peake
  • 1.11.13 Gene Mikulka
  • 1.45.20 Andrew Smith
  • 2.16.58 ‘Things You Never Knew About…’
  • 2.18.55 Get Involved
  • 2.24.13 Aerospace Events
  • 2.30.43 Programme end and outtakes
  • 2.34.47 End
Ariane 5 VA210 lift off

Ariane 5 VA210 lift off

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