Jon Duke returns to update us on Get Into Flying, Carmen Van Boeckel tells us about use the use of social media by airlines and Gareth visits RAF Coningsby to talk about the Dambusters 70th, with TV presenter and historian Dan Snow.

With news, lots of feedback, listener engagement and shouts outs, it’s another Xtended episode.

Dan Snow

Dambusters 70th

Dambusters 70th

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 Running Order (Hrs.Mins.Secs):

  • 0.02.25 News Update
  • 0.15.35 Jon Duke and GetIntoFlying
  • 0.36.08 617 Squadron The Dambusters
  • 0.51:36 Aviation Platform with Carmen Van Boeckel
  • 1.02.26 LEO Low Earth Orbit App review
  • 1.06.50 ‘Things You Never Knew About…’
  • 1.10.34 GetInvolved
  • 1.23.15 Promoting Aerospace
  • 1.29.47 Programme end and outtakes
  • 1.32.46 End

New ‘Get into Flying’ website

Things you didn’t know about….

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