We review RAF Waddington and RNAS Yeovilton Airshows and speak to Earl Moorhouse, author, and survivor of the first fatal Boeing 747 crash.

We discuss the news and some great listener questions including favourite nose art and the failure of some of Britain’s post war civilian airliners.

Tunnan at Waddington © Shaun Schofield

Tunnan at Waddington © Shaun Schofield

Along with ‘Things You Never Knew About’ and the usual LIVEATC.Net inserts, it’s a bumper aerospace programme.

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!Wake Up It's A Crash"

!Wake Up It’s A Crash”

Running Order (Hrs.Mins.Secs):

  • 0.03.21 News Update
  • 0.25.00 Teamwork at Yeovilton
  • 0.45.46 Earl Moorhouse Interview
  • 1.13.41 ‘Things You Never Knew About…’
  • 1.17.31 GetInvolved
  • 1.37.20 Promoting Aerospace
  • 1.44.50 Programme end and outtakes
  • 1.46.35 End

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Swordfish at Yeovilton © Gareth Stringer

Swordfish at Yeovilton © Gareth Stringer

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F-16 at Waddington © Shaun Schofield

F-16 at Waddington © Shaun Schofield

Earl Moorhouse:




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Flight 540

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Sea Vixen at Yeovilton © Gareth Stringer

Sea Vixen at Yeovilton © Gareth Stringer


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