Another space focussed special episode packed with aerospace content. We talk about the latest space exploration and planetary news, the history of rockets, spaceplanes and meet the exciting new generation of aerospace leaders.

A new X10Top10, a space related Pod’s Challenge and your feedback are completed with a massive out-takes section!

We hope you enjoy this episode, our largest and fullest space episode ever.


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#X10Top10 – our Top Ten Airline call-signs

10) Cedar Jet – Middle East Airlines

9) Springbok – South African Airways

8) Penguin – British Antartic Survey

7) Giant – Atlas Air

6) Dynasty – China Airlines

5) Cactus – US Airways

4) Nitro – TNT Airways

3) Shamrock – Aer Lingus

2) Clipper – Pan American World Airways

 1) Speedbird – British Airways

 X37B USAF spaceplane


Would you like to be on the one way journey to Mars and why? If not, then why not?

 Bristo Spaceplanes Ascender

Running Order (Hrs.Mins.Secs):

  • 0.05.10 News Update
  • 0.16.37 Gene Mikulka is TalkingSpace
  • 1.04.53 Mike Annis talks Rocket History
  • 1.31.06 Bristol SpacePlanes with David Ashford
  • 1.52.38 X10 Our Top 10
  • 1.57.37 GetInvolved
  • 2.03.13 PodsChallenge
  • 2.10.53 Jasmin Evans and Stemettes
  • 2.17.56 Promoting Aerospace
  • 2.28.54 Programme end  and Outtakes
  • 2.34.01 Finish


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