Rowland White returns to discuss the Space Shuttle and his latest best-selling book, ‘Into The Black’. We have listener questions for Rowland along with our regular segments on News and Promoting Aerospace.

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Running Order (Hrs.Mins.Secs):
• 0.01.48 News
• 0.21.59 Space Shuttles, Into The Black and Listener Questions for Rowland White
• 1.14.18 GetInvolved
• 1.16.50 Promoting Aerospace
• 1.24.44 End

STS1 Columbia Returns Copyright NASA

Rowland White
• Interaction Interzone 112
• The High Frontier

STS1 Columbia Blasts Off April 12th 1981 Copyright NASA

Promoting Aerospace
• Facebook Aviation Enthusiasts Book Club Page
• 50 Best Spotting Locations – Free PDF eBook BY MATT FALCUS
• Compton Abbass Airfield Contact
• Last Man on the Moon


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