We focus on the passenger experience (#PaxEx) at airlines and airports with our guest host Marisa Garcia from Flightchic.com.

We also have a great interview with Paul Papadimitriou from the Layovers podcast, as well as a feature with author and Boeing 747 pilot Mark Van Hoenacker, on his book ‘Skyfaring’.

Mar Vanhoenacker Copyright Daily Telegraph

Mark Vanhoenacker – Copyright Daily Telegraph

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 Show Content:

  • 03.09 – News
  • 33.30 – Marisa Garcia
  • 46.16 – Layovers with Paul Papadimitriou
  • 37.36 – #Skyfaring with Mark Vanhoenacker
  • 06.25 – GetInvolved and Feedback
  • 09.32 – #AvBooks
  • 14.06 – Promoting Aerospace

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Marisa Garcia

Waterfront Seat -BEAerospace, Panasonic TEAGUE and Formation Design Group

Waterfront Seat -BEAerospace, Panasonic TEAGUE and Formation Design Group

Layovers and Paul Papadimitriou

A350-1000 - Copyright Airbus

A350-1000 – Copyright Airbus

Mark VanHoenacker

Air China 747-800 - Copyright Boeing

Air China 747-800 – Copyright Boeing


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