The team are back together for a summer talk about their interest in aviation and why the sector is so engaging and followed by so many.

Image courtesy of Hybrid Air Vehicles

Image courtesy of Hybrid Air Vehicles

Along with news, feedback and promoting aerospace we hope you enjoy the discussion.

Let us know how you got into aviation or aerospace. We want to hear your #firstaviationmemory.

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  • 02.38 – News
  • 25.49 – Discussion on aviation and how we became involved. What made you get involved?
  • 00.27 – GetInvolved and Feedback
  • 04.10 – Promoting Aerospace

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Image courtesy of Boeing

Image courtesy of Boeing

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Skies Above Britain

Promoting Aerospace


Why do you love aviation? Image – Gareth Stringer

As ever, thanks for listening and don’t forget, tell us your #firstaviationmemory!