Welcome to our longest show ever, with RAF Typhoon pilot Roger Cruickshank and Owen Zupp. We talk to Roger about the challenges of coming back from injury to become an Olympic skier whilst training to fly fighter jets, and tragedy striking in his domestic life. Owen tells us about his amazing father, as featured in his latest book ‘Without Precedent’.


During our interview with Roger we talk about mental illness and the stigma associated with it.

Please join us in supporting Roger in raising both awareness and funding to support this area of health care by buying his new book, co-written with Don Macnaughton:


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  • 05.53 – News
  • 27.20 – Roger Cruickshank
  • 1.26.30 – Owen Zupp
  • 1.56 – GetInvolved and Feedback
  • 2.32.52 – Promoting Aerospace

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