In this episode we visit HMS Heron to talk about the forthcoming retirement from active service of the Royal Navy Westland Lynx Mk 8. We get to talk to those who have flown the aircraft with their stories of ditching, human aid missions and drug busting.

Lynx Mk8 Lt Rich Bell RN – Copyright AviationXtended

We would like to thank Tracey Clempson and Andy Jackson for their support in producing this episode and a particular thank you to the Commanding Officer and team at 815 NAS.

Lynx Mk8 815NAS – Copyright Aviation Xtended

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  • 0:2:06 Commander Philip Richardson RN, CO 815 NAS
  • 0:30:19 Lt Rich Bell RN
  • 0:37:20 Lt Commander Joe Harper RNR
  • 0:44:18 Lt Commander Al Read MBE RNR
  • 0:52:07 Commander Gus Carnie RN, Lynx Wildcat Maritime Force Commander
  • 0: 58:47 Alfan Ap Rees – Helicopter Museum

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Lynx Mk8 – Copyright Gareth Stringer

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Westland Lynx Manual: 1976 Onwards (HAS Mk2, Mk3 and HMA Mk8 Models) (Owners’ Workshop Manual)

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