Marking the 35th anniversary of the end of the Falklands Conflict, we look back at the air war through the eyes of the Fleet Air Arm. We are joined in the studio by Naval Air Historian Matt Willis to review our guest interviews and discuss the tactics and lessons from the conflict.

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Tim, Gareth and Pieter were delighted to be able to talk to Sea Harrier Pilot Commander Tim Gedge AFC RN and Lynx Pilot Commander Larry Jeram-Croft who both served during the conflict. They give us their memories and thoughts about their role, the aircraft and equipment they used and the air war strategy.

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This episode is dedicated to all of those from all sides of the conflict, who did not return home.

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  • 16.25 – Commander Tim Gedge AFC RN – Sea Harrier Pilot
  • 08.00 – Commander Larry Jeram-Croft RN – Lynx Pilot
  • 50.44 – Falklands Air War AVBooks #avbook

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Commander T J H GEDGE AFC Royal Navy

Tim Gedge started flying in Glasgow University Air Squadron and joined the Royal Navy in January 1963 as a short career fighter pilot, later transferring to a full career commission. He flew Sea Vixen all-weather fighter aircraft in 893 Squadron from HMS VICTORIOUS in the mid-1960s and F-4 Phantom aircraft from HMS ARK ROYAL in the 1970s before, in 1980 commanding 800 Naval Air Squadron, the first front-line Sea Harrier squadron embarked in HMS INVINCIBLE and later in HMS

HERMES. He formed and commanded 809 Squadron Sea Harriers for Operation CORPORATE for relief of the Falkland Islands in 1982, initially flying from MV ATLANTIC CONVEYOR.

Qualified as an A category Flying Instructor (QFI), an Instrument Rating Examiner (IRI) and also as an Air Warfare Instructor (AWI) he served at Yeovilton, Lossiemouth and Leuchars in second-line flying appointments. He was the last Senior Pilot (SP) of the Royal Naval Air Warfare School 764 Squadron and later SP of the RN Phantom Training Flight at RAF Leuchars followed by SP of the front line Phantoms, 892 Squadron embarked in HMS ARK ROYAL. Other appointments included HMS JUPITER, Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth as Aviation Officer and 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines as Brigade Aviation Officer. Staff trained at Greenwich he also completed the RAF Air Warfare Course at Cranwell and the RN Force Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Course at HMS DRYAD.

Since the Falklands War Tim Gedge served as the Deputy to the Senior Naval Officer Falkland Islands and as Queens Harbour Master; in the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the Directorate of Naval Air Warfare and later in the Directorate of Operational Requirements (Sea Systems); on the British Naval Staff in Washington as the Aviation Officer and later as Staff Aviation Officer to the Flag Officer Flotilla Three (the seagoing NATO Commander ASW Striking Force). His active service career completed in the MOD Central Staff and he retired from the Navy in 1996.

Commander Larry Jeram-Croft  Royal Navy

Commander Larry Jeram-Croft  spent thirty years in the Royal Navy. He trained as an Aircraft Engineer and then as a helicopter pilot.  He was awarded a Queens Commendation for Search and Rescue duties and flew the Lynx of HMS Andromeda during the Falklands War.

He is a prolific writer and is the author of the definitive guide to the Lynx, his book – The Royal Navy Lynx: An Operational History (Mar 2017)

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Top Books as recommended by the FB AEBC Simon Jakubowski:

  • RAF Harrier Ground Attack – Falklands By Squadron Leader Jerry Pook MBE DFC
  • Air War South Atlantic by Jeffrey Price
  • Vulcan 607 by Rowland White
  • Hostile Skies – The Battle For The Falklands by David Morgan
  • Wings of the Malvinas: The Argentine Air War Over the Falklands by Santiago Rivas

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