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Ep.01 – ‘Bondy’ – 2012 RAF Tucano Display Pilot

Ep.02 – A400 Grizzly, secret airfields and the National Aerospace Library

Ep.03 – The People’s Mosquito, Edwards AFB and RNAS Yeovilton Air Day

Ep.04 – The Hunter and the Super Hornet

Ep.05 – Get Into Flying and Careers in Aviation

Ep.06 – Aircraft restoration – the Trident & P-51 Mustang ‘Lou IV’

Ep.07 – Rowland White and Concorde

Ep.08 – Typhoon display 2013, books and 2012 reviewed

Ep.09 – Space Exploration, Space Travel and Moondust

Ep.10 – The Air League, and engineering The Typhoon

Ep.11 – Dambusters 70th, ‘Get into Flying’ and Tweeting Airlines

Ep.12 – Lauren Richardson, Spit4Hire and Nathan Doidge

Ep.13 – RAL Space and Captain Eric Winkle Brown

 Ep.14 The Big Book of Flight

 Ep.15 – Teamwork and Flight 540

Ep.16 – MAXimum flight!

Ep.17 – Gliding and Airfield Conservation

Ep.18 – Cape Town to Goodwood

Ep.19 – the UH-60 Blackhawk and the V-22 Osprey

Ep.20 – Astronaut Mike Mullane, Rowland White and Gene Mikulka

Ep.21- Xtended’s 12 Days of Christmas 

Ep.22 – Plane Crazy!

Ep.23 – Aviation historian, Taranis and a Total Eclipse

Ep.24 – DC10 retirement and the Jet Age Museum

Ep.25 – ET702 and Ospreys at Mildenhall

Ep.26 – Tiger Moth

Ep.27 – From rocket history to spaceplanes

Ep.28 – Royal International Air Tattoo (Quick cast)

Ep.29 – FIA 2014 (Live)

Ep.30 – RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day

Ep.31 – Gilo and AirTV

Ep.32 – AvantiEvo, ADR and PCPilot Magazine

Ep.33 – Space Shuttle, Mosquito and Vulcan

Ep.34 – Talking Space, with Gene Mikulka

Ep.35 – Dr Lewis Pinault

Ep.36 – the SEPECAT Jaguar

Ep.37 – Moths and ‘Drones’

Ep.38 – Aerospace Engineering at UCL

Ep.39 – Top Gun Days and the F-14 Tomcat

Ep.40 – Phantoms, Tornados and V-Bombers

Ep.41 – Performance, Success and Innovation

Ep.42 – Fifty Years of Flying Fun

Ep.43 – Airport Infrastructure

Ep.44 – ‘Xtra’ Air Day 2015

Ep.45 – Jet City Star

Ep.46 – ‘Xtra’ Space Exploration News

Ep.47 – Into The Black

Ep.48 – Whirlwind (Xtra)

Ep.49 – Paul Beaver

Ep.50 – Flt Lt Tom Bould ‘Red 7’

Ep.51 – ‘Xtra’ Military Aviation Heritage – The Museums

Ep.52 – The Aviation Historian, Optica and Hawker Typhoon

‘Ep.53 – ‘Xtra’ Sea King, Barracuda & Shark – The Fleet Air Arm looking back’

Ep.54 – ‘Xtra’: ‘To Slip The Surly Bonds – The Shuttle Disasters’

Ep.55 – Space Shuttle Pt.2 with Rowland White – ‘Into The Black’

Ep.56 – ‘Xtra’ Soviet Cold War fighters

Ep.57 – Aviation Photography and Biggin Hill

Ep.58 – Beautiful Airfields

Ep.59 – ‘Xtra’ XB-70 Valkyrie

Ep.60 – Foxy Lady

Ep.61 – ‘Xtra’ Boeing 100

Ep.62 – ‘Xtra’ Farnborough International Airshow 2016

Ep.63 – Layovers, Skyfaring and Flightchic

Ep.64 – Let’s Talk Aviation

Ep.65 – Courage in the air

Ep.66 – A Rowland White Christmas

Ep.67 – ‘Xtra’ Royal Navy Lynx MK.8 Retirement

Ep.68 – Combat Air Patrol 2

Ep.69 – ‘Xtra’ Around The World with GASE

Ep.70 – Falklands Air War Part 1

Ep.71 – Falklands Air War Part 2 (Sharkey Ward interview)

Ep.72 – RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2017

Ep.73. – Fairey Barracuda

Ep.74 – ‘Xtra’ Operational Flight Test and Cessna Twins

Ep.75 – Falklands Air War Part 3

Ep.76 – Supermarine Swift F4 and aviation books

Ep.77 – Falklands Air War Part 4