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Ep.69 – ‘Xtra’ Around The World with GASE

We are joined by Eddie Gould from G.A.S.E. for the story of how a retired Liverpudlian aircraft mechanic moved to Egypt to set up one of the world’s best GA ‘around the world’ support companies.

Ep.68 – Combat Air Patrol 2

We are joined by Ed Scio from Sim155 to talk about Combat Air Patrol 2. It is a fascinating discussion on how flight simulators are designed and built.

Ep.67 – ‘Xtra’ Royal Navy Lynx MK.8 Retirement

In this episode we visit HMS Heron to talk about the forthcoming retirement from active service of the Royal Navy Westland Lynx Mk 8. We get to talk to those who have flown the aircraft with their stories of ditching, human aid missions and drug busting.

Ep.65 – Courage in the air

Welcome to our longest show ever, with RAF Typhoon pilot Roger Cruickshank and Owen Zupp. We talk to Roger about the challenges of coming back from injury to become an Olympic skier whilst training to fly fighter jets, and tragedy striking in his domestic life. Owen tells us about his amazing father, as featured in his latest book ‘Without Precedent’.

Ep.64 – Let’s Talk Aviation

The team are back together for a summer talk about their interest in aviation and why the sector is so engaging and followed by so many.

Ep.61 – ‘Xtra’ Boeing 100

In this ‘Xtra’ episode we bring you an audio exclusive interview with Mike Lombardi, Curator, Historian and Archivist at Boeing to celebrate the Boeing Centenary.

Ep.60 – Foxy Lady

In this episode we preview this seasons’ airshows and talk to Lewis Gaylard about his latest book on the Sea Vixen, Foxy Lady. We also talk to all the senior officers behind Air Day 2016.

Ep.59 – ‘Xtra’ XB-70 Valkyrie

In this Xtra episode we feature the XB70 Valkyrie with Jeannette Remak and Joseph Ventolo Jr from Phoenix Aviation Research. They have just released their latest book on the XB-70 Valkyrie bomber entitled “XB-70 Valkyrie – The Return to Valhalla” and we had the opportunity to learn more about this iconic looking aircraft.