Back in the studio after months on the road, we talk to the team behind the success of ParaJet and get to look at a new way of flying training with AirTV.

Alongside news, a new #X10Top10, a new #PodsChallenge, Aerospace X Award nominations and Promoting Aerospace, this episode is loaded with aerospace and aviation content.

Fancy a go?

Fancy a go?

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Running Order (Hrs.Mins.Secs):

  • 0.05.51 News
  • 0.23.48 Gilo Industires
  • 0.46.37 AirTV
  • 1.05.08 #X10Top10
  • 1.14.20 Get Involved
  • 1.19.25 AeroSpace X Award Nominations
  • 1.23.27 #PodsChallenge
  • 1.30.37 Promoting Aerospace
  • 1.42.52 Outtakes
  • 1.45.10 Finish
Two Avro bombers

Two Avro bombers

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#X10Top10 – Top 10 Worst Aircraft

10. Messerschmitt Me210

9.   BE12

8.  Grumman  XF10 Jaguar

7.  Blackburn Firebrand

6.  Supermarine Swift

5.  Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet

4.  Yak-38 Forger

3.  Bolton Paul Defiant

2.  Douglas X-3 Stiletto

1.  General Aircraft GAL.56

Top 10 worst aircraft

Top 10 worst aircraft

AeroSpace X Award Nominations (and last year’s winners)

  1. Best Aerospace Watch – Bremont MB2
  2. Best Product Helping the aviation / aerospace industry – Dragons of thin air
  3. Best Airport / airfield- Compton Abbas
  4. Best Online resource – LiveATC
  5. Best Restoration Project – Victor Lusty Lindy XL231
  6. Xtended’s Best aerospace product – The big Book of Flight


Your aviation highlight of the year so far?

Save Black Mike

Save Black Mike


Gilo Industries and ParaJet


Other Links

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